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The Peace & The Unrest

I want to drink you not knowing how thirsty I am
The all of you [..]

It Doesn’t Have To Be In Ferguson, You Know?

12 years ago I pledged my fraternity. Those letters mean very little in regard to the matter at hand, but I vividly remember the hard work, sacrifices, insanity, and chaos that went into turning me into that guy. I remember thinking, “Why would sane people put themselves through this?” That thought dissipated seconds after completion, and was quickly replaced with “I could have gone a little harder, and gave just a little more.”

Here I am, years later, pulling out of Missouri feeling like I didn’t leave enough of me in the streets; unsure of whether the books and journals I dropped off at the library were enough. I replay the questions I asked the Senator over lunch and wonder if they were the right ones. Should I have put my life in danger to question those three black police officers about their thoughts and convictions. “I should go back and check” is what I keep hearing in this big head of mine, and “no” is what I’m saying out loud. “You did what you could with what you had, and what amazing people equipped you with. Go home and hug your mom, play with your niece, ask your son about soccer practice and if his team will win more than lose this season.”

I’m going home. Not to the studio apartment I won’t let go in LA because it’s so cheap and I’m afraid if I move out, I may need a place there immediately after, but to Charlottesville. The town responsible for my childish behavior, and the side eye I give when pretty little towns make Top Ten lists. My side comes with knowing about the parts of town not accounted for when these lists are made; the parts of town where I ran barefoot down the middle of the street in the summertime, racing my best friend’s sister because she was always the hardest to beat. I’m going to Charlottesville because I need to recharge, and I need to look at this place and talk to those folks [..]

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