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It Doesn’t Have To Be In Ferguson, You Know?

12 years ago I pledged my fraternity. Those letters mean very little in regard to the matter at hand, but I vividly remember the hard work, sacrifices, insanity, and chaos that went into turning me into that guy. I remember thinking, “Why would sane people put themselves through this?” That thought dissipated seconds after completion, and was quickly replaced with [..]

Five Things That Happened At A Darren Wilson Rally

August 23, 2014, I received a call to meet at Barney’s Sports Pub, located at 6027 Chippewa St., because there was a Rally for Darren Wilson. I’ve been looking for this for days because it would give me the opportunity, finally, to find out what goes through the mind of those who stand for the officer who killed Michael Brown. Their thoughts on race, the situations unfolding, and the people in the forefront. Overall, I think I got it.

1. A reporter for CNN approached me while I was having a conversation with a Darren Wilson supporter, asking if he could get an interview. He asked with excitement, “what brings you out to rally for Darren Wilson?” I respond, [..]

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