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Who Has To Be Killed?

I have a brother who doesn’t doesn’t speak as loud as I speak about injustices and inequality. His neighbors do their best to help him forget those words. His mother isn’t my mother, his father isn’t my father. We share fraternity founders, and he works for a government I don’t quite trust, and barely respect. He loves his job, and asks that I don’t speak foul of it when we’re together. I respect his wishes, assuming he hides my updates on social media; filtered me out.

My brother’s oldest son in six-years-old, plays tee-ball, and wakes up early on Sundays because he’s excited about church. His wife is beautiful, and so is their five-year-old daughter. Their youngest kid is 2, hilarious, but hates being lifted up and tossed across a room onto pillows like most kids I know her age.

He lives by the rules. He questions the victims before questioning the suspects. He has a house with six bedrooms, a garage big enough for 3 cars and 5 bicycles, and a lake close by to sit near in summers and grill the meat marinated in the sauce his father passed down. His father calls every Sunday to make a wager on the game, and his mother calls Saturdays to make sure he’ll be in church in the morning. His folks are still married, and his father still opens doors and pulls out seats.

My brother works hard, doesn’t play as hard, and is thrilled to use vacation time to do nothing but play in the backyard with the family. The life without flaws, [..]

Postcards From The Edge!

I love a million and ten things, and I often attempt to combine as many as possible. Well, here I am bringing together my love of travel, photography, receiving mail worth keeping, and sharing. Postcards, of course! A photo I’ve taken of something extraordinary (perhaps), with a personal message, sharing as much of my trip as the space will allow. The money will help tell more stories that will help create better lives.

“The world before us is a postcard, and I imagine the story we are writing on it.”
― Mary E. Pearson, The Miles Between

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