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Lady Killers. Racists. Their Wives. Black Women: For Germoña

When did they stop killing Black women in public? Some grand turn of events. Suffrage movement perhaps, or maybe the racists are starting to read bell hooks or Warsan Shire and deciding that, after all, Black women are ladies just like the racists’ mothers are ladies, and when they were punished by the racists’ fathers [..]

Creators of Monsters & The President’s Commutations & Pardons

We’re celebrating the commutation of drug-related sentences by President Obama like DC, Detroit, Baltimore, Charlottesville, Louisville, Miami, and every other town with areas we walk through cautiously at night, doesn’t exist. We’re patting the president on the back with the audacity of hope in our eyes, simultaneously cleaning up and putting back together the neighborhoods, families, and lives the drugs these offenders were selling have helped destroy. I can’t help but feel like a frat house janitor, cleaning up what I know will be destroyed again and again. [..]

Set Yourself On Fire: Believing Rape Victims

I’ve never been raped, and I’ve certainly never raped. The closest I think I’ve come was editing H. Marie Williams’ The Remedy, but looking at the number of unreported rapes, I’m sure [..]

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